Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some pics of chickens and lazy dogs,getting in the way of walk-in cooler building

2009 are you really wasting time reading blogs?

Ok this right here is the first blog/post thing for lilfarm- the goal is to update often so that folks can check in on what were up to- unfortunately you can't post pictures of doing meth on blog spot, so we will have to leave all those out for now- but ideally we will add pictures and recipes and insults, and maybe even music critiques.
this will become yet another thing in your day to waste a bit of it on- hopefully it all feels worth it.

This week has been fill the greenhouse week- we planted kale,collards,broccoli,cabbage, leeks,onions, and some head lettuce, we started most everything in 72 cell trays, and all of that was using our home blended soil mix which I'll add a recipe for:

Poor Folks Good Ass Potting Mix Recipe

In a large large container-mix these things in this order, I use a 5 gallon bucket as a measure.
and i mix outside because these things will irritate your little lungs.

2 parts peat moss (this is not a sustainable product, i'm researching a good substitute)
1/2 cup of lime to counter the acidity of the peat
1 part vermiculite(coarse)
1 part pearlite(don't breath the dust because its bad for you!)
1 part good compost- i use various ones- but make sure its from a good quality reputable source
1/3 bucket of worm castings- no more than 10% by volume
and one cup of each of the following:
bone meal
blood meal
on these things you can substitute a non animal source or whatever you have a preference to , but match the numbers so that you have an appropriate N,P,K ratio.
What we do is mix the lime and peat first, then add the next ingredient while spraying with a little water to keep down dust(wear a mask appropriate for the task)mix thoroughly
then go like that one at a time until everything is mixed completely and there is no way to have clumps or pockets of unmixed things. I add enough water so it feels good, but you don't want it saturated, so take it easy tiger.