Thursday, July 7, 2011

Preserving the harvest

Well now what do you do with a drunken.. I mean a boatload of market leftovers?
Can it. CANIT . put it cans. Jar it.
That way you can be eating dilly beans in January long after the thought of picking them has faded from your mind, leaving you just a dull sense of dread that the next season you'll have to do it all over again and just a hint of,.. is that cayenne?

And whats more fun then cramming jar after jar of last years pickles down your friends throats in June to make room for the new ones because you were selfish last year after spending all day canning them and didn't want to share back when it made sense. You tried to get through them, really you did, but like Kayne says "No one man should have all them pickles".
We lost our minds and did 44 jars of pickles and dilly beans, 45 pounds of tomato sauce, a bunch of hot peppers and haven't had the heart to do salsa yet, but its coming.

If your like me at all, then you already know everything there is to know of value in this world and would never turn to a recipe for help of any kind. But some folks might dig this book for a great starting point or ending point on easy recipes, acid ratios and cook times to make the job easier. It was $6 damn well spent.

Ball Blue Book of Preserving

I'm sure there are quite a few ways to get this info and retain that six bucks as well, just use the googles.

Big things poppin

Dang- we brought the goods to market this week-
41 tomato types
potatoes fresh out the ground
squash cukes and on and on.
Table is lookin right!

With this much produce we were able to make it rain.

PS - It has rained a little everyday for the past three...your welcome.