Monday, June 4, 2012

Garlic growing

Harvested all the garlic over the last few days. This is is the latest in many attempts to get a good garlic seed stash together. And while cautiously optimistic I'm gonna say I did all right.Last fall I bought some of the fancy pants hard neck garlic's and a bit of elephant garlic as well. Garlic grows through the winter and spring. It comes in basically two types, Hardneck and Softneck. The Hardnecks are tastier and easier to harvest than the softnecks for the most part, Except, no braiding. The best part is you get like 5-8 big cloves and no little dinkies. you know what I'm talking, those little tiny ones in the center that by the time you get done peeling, you discover they were empty.     

     Garlic is one of those truly pleasurable plants to grow. It goes with damn near anything, looks beautiful and if you don't sell it, bring it back next week and try again, like a tomato that won't rot. Its also a pleasure to eat. Hippies believe that garlic will cure most anything, it is a truly amazing plant, but I don't think this is true, garlic will stink your breath, and probably has amazing properties healing and otherwise. However lots of things hippies say seem to be untrue, especially when it comes to plant magic, so cautiously apply to broken/missing limbs. It does work on treating bad vibes though. So that should come as no shock.
I grow a good bit of softneck, but end up selling lots of it for green garlic. This batch, well its gonna be my stock for planting this fall. Inchelium Red, Georgian Fire, and Music are the types. If things go right, then it will also be the start of a wonderful breathstankin vampire free relationship. But first I got to cure it. Which for me means tying a bunch together and hanging it from the rafters of the porch. After about three weeks it should be dry enough to clean up a little and store. Then come September I'm gonna plant it again and hope for a huge bounty, thus the circle is formed. only this time instead of harvesting hanging, ignoring and then rotting the garlic. I plan on replanting it, making garlic babies and having them repopulate the fields every year. eventually giving me a sellable bounty so copious that it would even make Elliot Coleman get excited "down there".  Holler