Monday, June 15, 2009

Farm to Fork

If my typing looks a little rough this morning, I assure you this computer has a hangover , not me. It has nothing to do with the awesome Farm to Fork picnic yesterday, where with Monica from the Lantern, we made hand shaved strawberry sno-cones with homemade marshmallow honey cream, and a candied strawberry. And after a few malt beverages I definitely didn't go from there to a Harvest dinner at Il Palio and drink a glass of wine with course after course of awesome locally driven fare like four onion soup, and lamb ravioli .
Usually my life is a little less like a rap video- and a bit more like 80's metal one--- I try to just to have a nominal amount of over the top delicious food and decadence mixed with ample work- but you know that's how we roll here at lilfarm. Some days it rains- Some days we make it rain.........think about that.

This week: you might see

The last of the spring greens-
we will say good bye to kale and collards pretty soon here,
along with this years really small cabbages-

more summer squash- or squarsh depending on how you pronounce it- hopefully the little lemon squash will make an appearance this week

and if all goes well the first of the field grown heirloom tomatoes- we pulled the first three ripe ones on Friday-but..... tragedy found them, we brought them home and gently placed them on the counter but alas, they weren't safe in the kitchen- the last thing I remember seeing was some monster preparing what appeared to be a sandwich without meat- the mayo, the salt, the pepper, fresh bread-and he kept saying things like- ive been waiting months for this, and you lookin ripe... oh its too painful- I can't even talk about it..

we pulled some garlic on Friday- we'll hook you up-

and we were gonna start pulling potatoes this week but all this rain is keeping them going-which means more potatoes- be patient

what else..oh maybe parsley and more fennel- dont worry when the bulb fennel is done- we will have bronze fennel(herb)- your mouth will forever feel clean
and damn those flowers were fly- maybe more of those bouquets-- did people like the edible flowers or was that a little too kitchy?
alright- - see you this week--

Captain and Tennelle

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James said...

I liked the edible flowers in the cucumber salad. I don't know how they would go in a dry salad, but the vinegar softened them up and made the texture really nice, and they looked really good as a garnish before they got mixed in. Don't know how much trouble they are, or if people actually bought any, but I thought they was alright.