Monday, June 22, 2009

yep- a little drier this time

So this week we really will be bringing an assortment of field grown heirloom tomatoes- all of our varieties, with the exception of the sungolds this year are non-hybridized which is exciting for us- so because of that could someone please chill this weather out a little- I need consistency with temps- and rain that softly comes from the ground up every other day for about 45 minutes and if possible from about 5:30 am till about 6:15- than chase that with a nice breeze because I really don't like wet plants with no breeze or sun- ya feel me. We were starting to get a little worried with all the rain there- now that we have experienced three sunny days I feel like its ok to tell y'all that Ghassan and I had gotten in the habit of lookin around to see if anyone was building a rather large boat.Not that we got too worried cause if they were building a boat and recruiting critters in 2 by 2's and forgot these 2 funny mf-ers than that boat ride would have sucked.
Heres what were up to this week- lots
today were gonna tie tomatoes, and finally get our sweet potatoes in the ground- 2 weeks late of course, pick up some straw to mulch them and then kick back and watch em grow- no wait- i mean then were gonna take the strawberry plants out of the ground and plant a cover crop were they were- to get that spot ready for the fall brassicas. and believe it or not its time to start all the fall plants again- doesn't the universe know we're very busy and need an extra few months here.
we'll try to get all the rest of our sorry garlic out of the ground- we left in the ground through that rather rainy period and will now pay the price- the outside husk is gone so we have tons of naked bulbs- indecent.
we'll start digging potatoes as soon as they decide its time- and hopefully we'll bring you some beans here soon

pac choi? maybe its almost time
and maybe some flowers or- well something fun-

so yeah- see you this week-
kid & play

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