Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First of all one of two things is happening here at the crib, either Goose and Maverick are having sorties over my house or this is a signal form Skynet that it has just become self aware.

I 'm not gonna let a silly thing like robot masters keep me from telling you that for days and days, I've been
gettin my Tomato on, They are now all planted, 2000 of them but I still have plenty for you jokers, come buy them from me. Grow them, then when you run low, come buy more. I've got 42 varieties. all of which are gonna be amazing, I mean furry yellow hog, orange banana, Cosmonaut Volkov, what about those names doesn't make you hongree.


Alice and Stuart said...

I'm always hongree now. A fuzzy orange tomato sounds SO good!

Margaret said...

That X is the Cicada mother ship, marking your farm as a bounteous place for their hatchlings. ;)

BTW, if you have any extra burmese family friendly plants...Farmer Foodshare will buy some of 'em.