Sunday, April 3, 2011

Where the hell have you been?

Well well well, So here it is a year later, sorry I left you hangin.
I know some of you have had a rough go without me. Some fared worse than others. --Therapy, night sweats, panic , heavy substance abuse. These can all continue like normal, cuz I'm back, and my blogs back... at least for a week.

So we relocated. you can now find us deep in the heart of the BFE,
We got DSL out here now (ballers).
We got a fresh new crib.(ballers)
Its 2011, its summer in winter, weathers all cray cray.
The greenhouse is packed to the gills, the potatoes are in the ground, the strawberries have been weeded (sort of) and damn if it ain't tomato in the ground time.

That right there is a picture or two from January of last year, Stay tuned for a bit of magic and see how we made that very spot disappear... by putting a house on top of it.

I gotta get back to green housing, because these things don't handle themselves. So to my tens of thousands, maybe millions of eager followers, I bid thee a fond farewell.

But here is photographic proof of my determination on metaphorically " gettin busy" in the greenhouse.

Also included is photographic proof of other folks who misunderstood that, and decided to do some just regular " gettin busy " in the greenhouse.

PS- In other news , I'm about to turn thirteen apparently, because i thought toads humpin for the whole day was funny.----holler

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