Monday, March 26, 2012

Taters start your engines.

The potatoes have all been sliced and placed in their (freshly tilled) beds. Around St. Patricks Day is a good marker for our area if your trying to time your planting just so. Figures, cuz you know those Irish folks do love their Irish potatoes. But for reals, you know the Peruvians have those spuds on lock down. They have over 800 different varieties. Yes variety is the spice of life, and that's some serious spice. I always like potato planting time. I'll even make your lives easier and give you a little instruction on how we do.
First things first. When your seed potatoes arrive you need to green sprout them. as in wake them up. Or abren those ojos if you will. You want to keep them warm and dark for about two weeks. I do this in the living room nearish to the wood stove with blankets covering them.Although this week you could have done it anywhere, its been freaky hot. When they are sprouted we haul them to the field and start chopping. You have to chop your potatoes so that you get about a 2 inch x 2 inch or more piece with two active eyes on it. The plant grows from the eyes so I'll put it like this, if you don't see eyes when you plant you ain't gonna see shit when you go to dig, ya dig? This will give you some funny shaped seed pieces for planting. We put these GENTLY! into buckets and then put them in rows. Each piece goes down in inch or three in the ground and we do about 14 inches between each piece. Every body differs on this, I've seen from 10 to 24 inches and yes they have all grown potatoes, so do what makes sense space wise for you and get on with it then. Then you gots to cover them! They will dry out pretty quick so make sure you have good soil contact all around. In a week or two you'll start seeing little shoots sticking up. After you get some growth on, potatoes need to be hilled. Which just means throwing some dirt up against the plants. Not too much, you don't want to smother. But every time you hill, you get another layer of potatoes forming. And you know what that means...
work, and also fries.
And just to show you what a stand up guy I am, I'll give you this link. It has correct growing info, so you can promptly disregard everything thing I said on the matter.

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So I see you have 2 dogs, 300 chickens and one busted tractor. Is there anything just seems like something is missing.