Thursday, March 8, 2012

Get swole

We just had a winter harvest of this "swole" ass root. This is ginger we over wintered in the house to hold over as some of our seed for the spring. It started as a little piece last spring and had quite the lovely canopy of leaves throughout the season. When it started to get cold out we moved it to a sunny spot inside and promptly ignored it.Slowly but suerly those leaves started dying off We thought we were doing a bad job, but it turns out that was not the case. When you over Winter it like that, it has a period where its leaves get their senescence on. Its marking down a birthday on the plant calender if you will, where it basically goes to sleep, and thickens its skin a bit. It has no thirst nor hunger. Just wanting a nice long slumber.
Now we just rudely awoke this sleeping beauty, and we'll cut it into to tiny pieces to let the process start all over.
Wake up yo- spring is upon you.

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