Thursday, May 24, 2012

Peoples, Why the hell have I been cutting tomato stakes on a table saw for the last few years? It works sort of, but you will probably ruin your tablesaw/s especially if you borrowed it from your friend Ryan, then got a replacement one for him. borrowed it and yes broke it as well, but played it off like it was all good. Well to H E double toothpaste with that nonsense....
. We had a brilly-ant idea today. Well that's not true, the idea was a few weeks ago but the execution was today. Here's the recipe- Please do not follow it, I'm sure danger is involved in many steps.

New stakes:
First Step- Get lots of oak boards from the saw mill.
Second Step- Borrow the use of your awesome friends smaller sawmill.
Step the Third- Stack the boards topwise and cut twenty at a time.

Fourth Step- Repeat
Step by Step- NKOTB's hot shit

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