Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hope its all happening the right way out there. Were looking forward to this week cause its going to be a little over cast, maybe a little rain- meaning a little awesome for the middle of July.
We are still in the midst of potato digging, and are excited to sample them your way- Last week we had All Blue, hope you liked em. This week how about Silverton- Its a Russet style, so its good for baking, frying, and scalloping- or heck even mashing. In the seed catalog its described as the best tasting Russet . So test that.

We are luckily still knee deep in Tomatoes. Look for those- it seems that we have the largest selection of heirlooms around.
Those Roma's that we have been giving you are called Principe Bouhrgese- which is the "sun drying" tomato. So get to work.

Beans- Beans, good for your heart- the more you eat- the more your full.
those beans are a mixture of Dragons Lingerie, Carson yellow wax, and EZ pick- we really dig these, and this might be the last week for them, maybe one more- steam em- or marinade them raw in a vinaigrette- or eat em anyway you care to.

This week- we'll have fresh basil- genovesse- the classic Italian basil- you know what to do with this- and the tomatoes- and some fresh Mozzerella, and a little oil and vinegar- and hell salt and pepper too, why not.

Heirloom Eggplant- yeah we had to be weird with these too- not sure what kinds will be ready this week but rest assured- they will be packed with eggplanty goodness.

lemon and Armenian cukes- awesome

and the eggs,

there you go, thats the box

Whats new out here? We had our best market to date on Saturday- Whoo! Time to blow it all on meth and mopeds... Well we have been diligently weeding the melons and it looks as though the Sugar Babys will be ripening soon followed by the best of all melons- Orangelo- perfect in every way- as well as a smattering of musk melons and other various tasty treats.Like Ali Baba- a long tasty water melon- with a tropical , spicy twang.
Just like everything , we grow lots of heirloom melons, because we enjoy the taste and style of these old varieties- and we like to know that by growing them we are perpetuating these genetics, and bringing you something that you won't be able to find in the grocery store, we hope you dig em.
See you this week, its my birthday- bring me a pony!

G & G Veggie Factory

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