Monday, July 20, 2009

hello melons- good bye hamstrings

Well- Fancy seeing you all here- oh I was just writing to tell y'all that I think we will bring you a few melons this week- The first wave is here- Sugar Babys- tiny little sweet watermelons that are perfect for two and you don't have to try and store a giant melon half in the fridge.
Get excited- sugarbabys first, and then orangelo - the best watermelon there is and a few others that hopefully will make it to fruition -
And- I think this will be the eggplant debut- we planted like 10 kinds of heirloom eggplants(of course)- including some crazy ones like Louisiana Long Green, and Listada Di Gandia- hopefully these will be around for a while.
Tomatoes- hell yeah- 2nd planting is starting to come on.
Cukes- almost the end of the road for these sweet treats
Thai basil- sharpen up your Asian Dishes- Curry? ya feel me
and maybe a few peppers
Taters this week will be:
Huckleberry- tasty, red all the way through- good for baking, frying, mashing, roasting-
And some small tomatoes- for sauce, salad , drying or roasting-
whew- get your nightshades on-
See you soon party people-
and did you know that Lilfarm was in a national magazine this month- read by literally tens of people- how does it feel to associate with greatness?were not sure yet either here's the link to it:
Check it out at - click on link in upper right corner: “Young Farmers in NC”- and look for the real sexy guy, then look on the next page and you'll find me, and my lovely dog Trudie, and a long rambling interview that reads like a long run on sentence that needs editing and just sort of seems to keep going and going, and doesn't seem to find any real point, just kind of meandering around not really... oh sorry bout that- see you this week.
sincerely, on this historic day,
Ghassan Armstrong and Buzz O'Neal- the first farmers to moon you on your walk-

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