Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I am now LESS full of hot air!

I've been busy on this overcast day, it was well spent in the greenhouse pretending that I know the basic principles of electricity and how it works, and then tripping breakers and admitting I don't.
I did however frame and wire in two end wall fans that amazingly still work. One of which I pulled straight from the trash. Its such a satisfying feeling to put all to use with the hopeful end goal of keeping the greenhouse air flowing. It doesn't take much to excite you when you spend all day under a strange plastic bubble, house thingy.

Its awesome to see all those little baby plants crack the soil line and stick their little leaves up.
They are getting ready to consume all my time. Allowing for only faint glimmers of social interaction and imbibings between waterings and weedings.

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