Thursday, February 2, 2012

Its too errrlay for this nonsense..

Howdy yallz,
Hope 2012 is off to a grand start. I'm sure it is, especially for those of you following the ole Mayan calender. Wait, sorry if your following that one its not good. I was meaning the other other calender. You know the one that says its the year of the water Dragon. I just saw this last night and feel like its sort of like a dragon sighting, only more common,less dangerous, and smaller.
Its some old Salamander, who is going to be really confused if winter does in fact show up for a few more weeks. Although it will not be alone. Its too soon for climate change to be full on like this, we still need like 22 years to convince people it might possibly, maybe exist, as a theory that's partially fact based. holler

ps. we are now becoming twitterversed @lilfarmnc

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P Flooers said...

Actually salamanders come up during the first rain in Feb. in NC to breed and lay eggs. She's right on time. :o)